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There are many things that you can use black lights to enhance your Halloween decorations and special effects. Painting your props with this invisible fluorescent paint will make them glow eerily under black lights enhancing there overall effect. See how we've used it in our Giant Spider Web articles. You can also use it on Halloween signs, Costumes, Masks, skeletons, bats and other decorations. Paint plaster or plastic skulls with fluorescent paint and display in your graveyard, on fence posts, etc.

Positioning Black Lights
Blacklight Extension Cord
Since UV light is not very strong and doesn't travel very far, its important to use the right strength and size black light tubes
or twist black light bulbs to illuminate your Halloween decorations, props, etc. Use smaller twenty-four inch size lights for smaller area's and displays where you can position the unit in close. Use larger four foot units to cover large areas, scenes and props. The darker the room or area, the brighter the fluorescent material will glow. As with any electrical device, care must be taken to protect against electrocution and accidents. Make sure that the cord is hidden from view and positioned where it won't be tripped over or snagged by your visitors feet. No electrical fixture should be used outdoors if the weather is bad, i.e. raining, very high humidity, etc.

Directing Ultraviolet Light
Blacklight LampMost of the time you will need to direct the black light  into a particular area or directly at a particular Halloween decoration or prop. Fluorescent
Twist black light bulbs work great when placed in a metal parabolic housing such as a "Clamp Lamp" when you need to direct the black light in this way. Clamp Lamp fixtures like the one pictured to the right can usually be purchased in the hardware or lighting section of most department stores. Its important to remember that this method will only allow you to better direct the black light, but will not extend its useable range. We usually paint the outside of our Clamp Lamp fixtures with flat black spray paint to better conceal them.

Camouflaging Black Light Units
Whenever possible the black light unit should be positioned and/or camouflaged so that it cannot be seen by your visitors. While people can see the purple colored glow from the black light bulb its self, they cannot see the ultraviolet light that actually emanates from it. In most cases you will want to hide or camouflage the bulb and unit it is in, so that people will not be able to see the source of the black light. You can also use bricks arraigned to for a visual barrier. A section of inexpensive metal eave trough (rain gutter) material works well for hiding single bulb units, but is usually not wide enough to hold a double-bulb unit. There are several safety considerations to keep in mind.
Black light units, like any electrical device, do generate heat and should not be placed near or attached to any material that could catch fire, such as wood, plastic, fabric or paper type materials. As mentioned above, the cord and any extension cords you might need to use should be placed wear people will not trip over them.

Glow in the Dark Dye
Glow in the Dark Dye - Black Light DyeIf you need clothing, sheets, cotton rope (rope spider webs), or other fabric to glow a bright blue in the dark, you can soak it in "RIT Whitener/Brightener". This happens because of the natural reaction between the
phosphor's in the whitener/brightener and the ultraviolet light. This works best on white or light colored fabric. To do this simply fill a container, such as a plastic tub with enough water to completely cover the items you want to glow. Mix in a box of "RIT Whitener/Brightener" and stir until it is dissolved. Immerse the items into the solution and let them soak for about an hour. Don't rinse it out, simply wring it out and let it dry.

Glow in the Dark Spray
Glow in the Dark - Black Light Spray"Glow in the Dark Spray", manufactured by Fun World is suitable for painting Halloween decorations, props and even costumes to make them glow. This spray is a type of water-based paint and will visibly coat the prop or decoration with a pale yellow coating. This coating will glow in the dark the typical greenish-yellow color when exposed to ultraviolet light. Be sure to spray the paint onto the object as evenly as possible. It helps to spray the paint on while the prop is under a black light so that you can actually see where the paint is being sprayed. We use this spray on some of our Halloween props, such as skeletons, to add extra effect. Be sure to follow the use and safety instructions included with this product closely.

Black Light Hairspray
Glow in the Dark - Black Light HairsprayNot to be confused with the product above, "Glow in the Dark Hairspray", also from Fun World, works very well for painting Halloween  decorations when you don't want the paint its self to be visible. It goes on nearly invisible and should be sprayed onto the prop as evenly as possible. It helps to spray the paint on while the prop is under a black light so you can actually see where the paint going. We use this spray on some of our tombstones and Halloween decorations to add an extra effect. This spray can also be used as hair spray to make your hair glow in the dark. It will dry invisible and should be sprayed onto your hair as evenly as possible. Be sure to follow the use and safety instructions included with this product closely.

Fluorescent Paint
Blacklight Paint - Fluorescent PaintFluorescent paint fluoresces brightly when exposed to ultraviolet light and is available in a variety of colors including Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Orange depending on the particular pigment that it contains. A different version, invisible fluorescent paint, looks white or clear under normal light, but glows brightly under a black light source. Fluorescent paints are great for painting your props to enhance them and creating fluorescent Halloween decorations. Most fluorescent paint is water based, but is available in oil base as well if needed. Unlike phosphorescent paint, fluorescent paint stops glowing the moment the black light source is removed.

Phosphorescent Paint
Phosphorescent Paint - Blacklight PaintPhosphorescent paint is most commonly called "glow-in-the-dark" paint. Not to be confused with fluorescent paint as discussed above, this paint is manufactured with phosphors that have the ability to absorb light and typically glows pale green in color, but are also available in tinted colors as well. Unlike fluorescent paint, this type of paint will continue to glow in the dark for anywhere from minutes to hours after it has been exposed to light, but will eventually fade out. Glow Inc.com specializes in the manufacture of high quality, extended glow phosphorescent paints that are up to twenty-five times brighter than regular retail glow in the dark paint. Their solvent-based glow in the dark paints can be recharged millions of times using almost any light source.


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